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Wausau Made bollards, planters featured in news story about post-9/11 security


Tough and durable concrete bollardsplanters and other security products from Wausau Made, a Wausau Tile Inc. brand, were featured earlier this week in a news story from our local CBS News affiliate. The story talked about how governments and businesses sought to step up their protective measures and how our 60-plus years of commitment to strength and security put us in a leadership position and led to tremendous growth to meet this demand. 

According to WSAW-TV: “From airport security to entering major sporting events, a lot has changed since 9/11. Some things are obvious, but others are more subtle, like the creations coming out of Wausau Tile. The items they manufacture protect people and businesses, and although some are large, you may have never even noticed them. Driving down the road, walking through the park, or running to the store, some barriers you might not even notice. Production of these massive cement blocks has grown since the September 11th attacks.”

Read the full story here.