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Our concrete signs give a warm welcome when placed at the entrance of a city, town, village, park, or recreation area. Proudly display your message with a concrete sign that reflects your community, organization or business. Exposure to the elements and freeze-thaw conditions will not change the overall appearance. Enjoy a long term investment with these low maintenance and vandal resistant signs.


Lettering: Either cast-in or embossed, these attractive letters are favorites of our customers all around the country. They are as deep as ¾” and feature all the popular fonts and colors. Plaques or metal lettering and silk screen logos are also available to customize your sign.


Wind Load Certified: This design (TF8011) is certified per Florida Building Code 2007 with the 2008 and 2009 FBC supplements, and ASCE 7-05. It has been tested to withstand wind-speed of 150 mph, exposure category “B”.

Item Number: 
62" x 8" x 42"
850 lbs.
Additional Features: 

Lettering Options: Metal, embossed, plaque, or cast